News 2022

We have got covered to breed our female  Nathaly Slunen paprsek (Giant schnauzer black) 12.12.2022


Nathaly Slunen paprsek       &     Hype Boy Radinie


We are planning to breed our female Keen Katrin z Dixie (Mini schnauzer)- 12.2022


All puppies from litter R are in their new homes.

18.11.2022 Nathaly Slunen paprsek Examen SPr2 - 95A points, Moya Slunen paprsek Examen Upr3-95 points

Nevil Slunen paprsek Examen SPr1 - 92 points

17.11.2022 Nathaly Slunen paprsek Examen IGP2 - 90-82-90A points

23.10.2022 Nathaly Slunen paprsek Examen FPr3 - 89 points

15.10.2022 National schnauzer club show Milovice - Nathaly Slunen paprsek - Exc.1, CAC, ISPU, K, BOS a Keen Katrin z Dixie - Exc.1, CAC, ISPU, K, BOS


That's how they are in the world, on January 14, 2022, 5 males and 3 females were born. We are happy and look forward to making them as skillful and nice schnauzers as their parents and ancestors in the pedigree.

1.week We like sleep, eat and sleep again




 2.week   puppies are already beginning to see, hear, and so far unsteady steps take up longer distances in their birth box


3.week puppies are growing from water, they are 3 weeks old, see, hear, and learn to stand alone. When they are not sleeping, they are exploring their surroundings or tenderly struggling.  


4.week puppies start to quick walk, play and have their first teeth, do a flat survey and start playing with plush toys and balls.



5.week puppies grow stronger, weigh more than 4 kg, run in the garden and spend more time outside in the garden, they also eat ground meat.     


6.week   puppies, weighing about 6 kg, they are already in the garden from morning till evening, when they are nice they play together and mom teaches them to fight and work in the garden   


7.week   puppies weigh about 8 kg, actively occupy the whole garden and try to participate in games with big dogs. They love visits they really had a lot.       


Hooray, 15.12.2021 the pregnancy of our female Nathaly Slunen paprsek was confirmed. Both parents are lively with a taste for work (tracks, defense, obedience), nice build, full teeth with a scissor bite, dark eye, excellent social, they love water and love family. Both parents have health tests.
We take reservations for puppies that will be born around mid-January 2022.







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